Coffee SMALL CUP (Set of 6 pcs!) [HARIO] 70ml
  • Coffee SMALL CUP (Set of 6 pcs!) [HARIO] 70ml

Coffee SMALL CUP (Set of 6 pcs!) [HARIO] 70ml

lei 28.88

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces!

Simple and oriental shape.

The set contains 6 pieces, ideal for a small cafe or even for home.

Enjoy an Asian tea or prepare a proper coffee, the simple design allows you to use it in a variety of ways.

Heat resistant glass;

Maximum capacity 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)

A glass to enjoy the typical Asian tea or why not a specialty coffee?!

All handmade from heat-resistant glass.

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Coffee SMALL CUP (Set of 6 pcs!) [HARIO] 70ml

Coffee SMALL CUP (Set of 6 pcs!) [HARIO] 70ml

lei 28.88

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SMALL CUP Coffee cup (Set of 6!) [HARIO] 70ml.


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100 ML
Diameter - Øcm:
Height - cm:
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
6 pcs.
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Barista V60 DRIP SCALE [HARIO] with Built-in Timer Quick view
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Barista V60 DRIP SCALE...

Price / piece.

HARIO Barista Scale - Japanese, high precision, for jewelry or coffee weight adjustment.

It not only weighs but also times the preparation process.


2 ► 200g: 0.1g

200 ► 500g: 0.5g

500 ► 2000g: 1g

Maximum set time: 99 '59 "

The device turns off after 5 minutes if not in use.

Made in Japan.


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Coffee Syphon TCA2 [HARIO]...

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With the help of this HARIO Coffee Siphon Technique 2, you can prepare coffee in a more unusual way: after heating, the water rises in the container above and at the same time comes into contact with the ground coffee, then the prepared coffee is filtered in the bottom container.

With the help of this soda, coffee can be prepared even at home, without fail.

The HARIO Tehnica siphon prepares coffee by contracting and expanding the air pressure in the bottom container.

This Vacuum Pot method - prepares coffee for 2 people in just a few minutes.

Although an alcohol burner is included in the package, for safety reasons it is empty.

So you have to buy alcohol and your favorite coffee separately.


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MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee...

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The cooler temperature actually brings out different flavors.

Coffee is a chemical, and using cold water instead of hot produces a distinct reaction; a batch made using this method tends to be subtly sweet while avoiding 67% of the acidity that often accompanies a brew.

Its use is simple, allowing the oils to infuse with cold water.

For 8 cups of finished product:

- place the freshly ground coffee (80g) in the filter.

- insert the filter into the cup.

- slowly fill the cup with cold water.

- use a mixing spoon, gently rotating the moistened coffee.

- put the lid on and place the cup in the fridge for approx. 8 hours.

Remove the filter with the used coffee, before serving.


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Server Plus V60 ISOLATED...

Price / piece.

No more reheating coffee in the microwave or on the stove...

During the cold months, it's disconcerting to find the temperature of your coffee dropping minutes after serving.

The V60 PLUS server is of high quality and will keep your coffee hot for hours.

Insulated, stainless steel, made specifically for the V60 dropper - although it also works well with an AeroPress, and can also be used as a regular thermos.

Double-walled, vacuum-sealed, allows you to infuse directly into the server, and the nozzle can be adjusted for different flow rates for very easy use.

Also, the cover can be removed for easy cleaning. Simply grip the sliding lever to easily attach or remove the cover.


lei 205.54 Price
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