PULY Grinder Cleaner - 10*15g


PULY Grind Crystals, Grinder Cleaner - Box of 10 Bags 15g. SINGLE DOSE

PULY Grinder Cleaner - 10*15g

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PULY Grinder Cleaner - 10*15g

Coffee Grinder Cleaner special also for Superautomatics coffee machines with built-in grinder. For conic and flat burrs. Not need to change the burrs setting. Removes oily deposits and mold. Absorbs oil and destroys rancid. Does not release dust . Non harmful - non dangerous . Without gluten or allergenic.

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DUSTY CAFF Powder - Group...

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DUSTY Caff 900gr detergent - in the form of crystallized powder for cleaning espresso machines, imported from Italy.

Removes grease and coffee deposits from the group, solenoid valves, water circuit, ideal for cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines and coffee machine parts.

You can use it to perform the following cleaning tasks:

  • Head unit cleaning (reverse wash)
  • Solenoid valve cleaning (reverse wash)
  • Cleaning the filter holders (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the filter baskets (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the upper filter (by soaking)


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PULY CAFF Plus - Group...

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PULY Caff Plus - Group Cleaner 900g

Detergent for espresso machine, powder. It removes coffee stain from the brewing group, solenoid valve and water circuit.

Perfect all the coffee machine service, accessories and parts cleaning.

Flapper with doser cup included.

The manufacturer's products are also internationally NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified.

You can use it to perform the following cleaning tasks:

  • Head unit cleaning (with backwash)
  • Solenoid valve cleaning (with backwash)
  • Cleaning filter holders (by soaking)
  • Cleaning of filter baskets (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the top filter (by soaking)


Made in ITALY

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