Macaroon Distributor [JoeFrex], Palm-Tamper - (Ø 58) Black
  • Coffee Leveler 58 Ø [JoeFrex] BLACK MACARON Distributor
  • Macaroon Distributor [JoeFrex], Palm-Tamper - (Ø 58) Black
  • Macaroon Distributor [JoeFrex], Tamper - (Ø 58)
  • Macaroon Distributor [JoeFrex], Palm-Tamper - (Ø 58) ajustable

Coffee Leveler 58 Ø [JoeFREX] BLACK MACARON Distributor

lei 179.04

Price / piece.

With its unique height adjustment system, you can get a uniform and repeatable espresso every time.

After loosening the head with a few rotations, you can adjust the lower plate.

Improving the quality of espresso, it is a perfect tool for every cafe.

Leveling base: Ø 58mm

Tamper material: 100% stainless steel

Handle material: anodized aluminum

Clean only with a wet cloth.

Macaroon Distributor [JoeFrex], Palm-Tamper - (Ø 58) Black

Coffee Leveler 58 Ø [JoeFREX] BLACK MACARON Distributor

lei 179.04
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Tamper/ Leveler [JoeFrex] - Macaron (Ø 58) Black Metal.

This tamper model allows you to adjust the depth of the portafilter and thus the pressure applied to the ground coffee.

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DO NOT clean with water!

DO NOT clean with water!   

lei 44.51 Price
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