Coffee Tamper Ø 53 [MOTTA] with WHITE Wood Handle
  • Coffee Tamper Ø 53 [MOTTA] with WHITE Wood Handle

Coffee Tamper Ø 53 [MOTTA] with WHITE Wood Handle

lei 115.51

Price / piece.

Coffee Tamper from MOTTA (Italian manufacturer), with WHITE wooden handle.

Size: 53.

Choose the necessary products carefully: by color (white, black, Italian walnut, black) and size (53-57-58-58.5).

Useful for devices: San Marco, La Spaziale, Dalla Corte, Astoria plus4YOU, Wega concept.


Avoid contact of the handle with water!

DO NOT use to hit the portafilterfilter!

      NU curatati cu apa !

Coffee Tamper Ø 53 [MOTTA] with WHITE Wood Handle

Coffee Tamper Ø 53 [MOTTA] with WHITE Wood Handle

lei 115.51
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Coffee Tamper Ø 53 [MOTTA] with WHITE Wood Handle.

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CONVEX Spare Base 53 / 58 Ø...

Price / piece.

Special Coffee Tamper - Convex Head from the manufacturer MOTTA (The handle is ordered separately !!!).

Compatible with any wooden or metal handle from MOTTA.

Available sizes:

► Ø 53

► Ø 58

Dimensions: H19, M10

lei 92.37 Price

ROUNDED Knock Box [MOTTA]...

Price / piece. 

The body of the box is made of stainless steel, very durable and robust, can be used for a long time.

The espresso box is large enough that you don't have to empty it often.

The impactor bar is made of hard rubber and aluminum, it will not scratch you. These rubber bars are able to reduce noise when used.

The bottom of the coffee grounds container does not slip or scratch the kitchen worktop. Moreover, it is provided with a layer of porous rubber, to attenuate the noise and mechanical shock produced.

THE IDEAL GIFT FOR COFFEE LOVERS - Although it is a product for professional use, it will still be a perfect accessory for espresso lovers, for the kitchen or the home bar.


lei 248.66 Price

Coffee Tamper Handle WOOD...

Price / piece.

Spare wood handle for MOTTA Coffee Tamper.

Easy mounting by screwing in the metal part (head) of the available tamper.

Screw thread: M8

Usable: San Marco, La Spaziale, Dalla Corte, Astoria plus4YOU, Wega concept coffee machines, etc.

Ask for information about the existing colors in stock (Italian Walnut, Black, Red)!


lei 59.98 Price

DeLUXE Tamping Station...

Price / piece.

Integrated tamper support with space for the actual tamper.

* The coffee tamper must be ordered separately!

This product is made of food grade 18/10 stainless steel and high quality silicone. Due to this stainless steel, it has a strong pressure capacity.

The perfect shape to withstand the effects of pressing, with a special place to fix the portafilter during pressing, convenient to store the coffee tamper.

Superior functionality and design, it is portable to take anywhere, without taking up too much space in your home kitchen or in a professional bar.

Made in Italy, developed together with the Italian Barista Association.

   Do NOT scratch it !

lei 178.49 Price
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