Coffee Tamper Ø 58 SIMPLE [MOTTA] with Metal Handle
  • Coffee Tamper Ø 58 SIMPLE [MOTTA] with Metal Handle

Coffee Tamper Ø 58 SIMPLE [MOTTA] with Metal Handle

lei 82.11

Price / piece.

Metal Handle Tamper - Simple. Anodized aluminum.

Ideal for a constant and perfectly balanced pressing.

Suitable for filter holders of size: Ø 58.

Made by Motta.

Coffee Tamper Ø 58 SIMPLE [MOTTA] with Metal Handle

Coffee Tamper Ø 58 SIMPLE [MOTTA] with Metal Handle

lei 82.11
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Coffee Tamper Ø 58 SIMPLE [MOTTA] with Metal Handle.

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Silver / Metal
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DUSTY Caff 900gr detergent - in the form of crystallized powder for cleaning espresso machines, imported from Italy.

You can use it to perform the following cleaning tasks:

  • Cleaning the head unit (with reverse wash)
  • Solenoid valve cleaning (reverse wash)
  • Cleaning the filter media (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the filter baskets (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the upper filter (by soaking)

Wash your hands after use!
Wear goggles and protective gloves!
Keep out of reach of children!
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, remove contact lenses and continue to wash.
In case of an accident, show the doctor the product label!

Wear goggles and protective gloves!   Keep out of reach of children!

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ROUNDED Knock Box [MOTTA]...

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The body of the box is made of stainless steel, very durable and robust, can be used for a long time.

The espresso box is large enough that you don't have to empty it often.

The impactor bar is made of hard rubber and aluminum, it will not scratch you. These rubber bars are able to reduce noise when used.

The bottom of the coffee grounds container does not slip or scratch the kitchen worktop. Moreover, it is provided with a layer of porous rubber, to attenuate the noise and mechanical shock produced.

THE IDEAL GIFT FOR COFFEE LOVERS - Although it is a product for professional use, it will still be a perfect accessory for espresso lovers, for the kitchen or the home bar.

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Macaroon Distributor...

(€ / piece). 

With its unique height adjustment system, you can always get a uniform and repeatable grinded coffee pressing.

After weakening the head with a few rotations, you can adjust the lower plate.

Improving the quality of the espresso, it is a perfect tool for every cafe.

Leveling base: Ø 58mm

Base material: 100% stainless steel

Handle material: anodized aluminum

Clean only with a wet cloth.

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Barista Towel, BROWN - Set...

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The set contains 2 towels, different sizes.

The towels are brown 30 * 30cm + 45 * 55cm.

Usable: crockery, dishes, glass, equipment, refrigerator, faucets, sinks, table and other bar / kitchen surfaces.

The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers a high quality due to the material used from microfiber.

Material: 80% Polyester; 20% Polyamide.

Wash with detergent or soap.
DO NOT use solutions to reinvigorate the material!
Machine washable up to 65'C with similar colors.
DO NOT dry in the dryer!

lei 14.99 Price


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