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CAPPUCCINO Set [BARISTA LINE] Porcelain (Different Colors) 240ml
  • CAPPUCCINO Set [BARISTA LINE] Porcelain Black 240ml

CAPPUCCINO Set [BARISTA LINE] Porcelain (Different Colors) 240ml

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Price / set.

CAPPUCCINO Set (Cup + Saucer) - Porcelain, 240ml.

Available colors:

► Matte BLACK

► Glossy Red

* Request real photos, if you are interested in the product.

** DO NOT use in the microwave!


CAPPUCCINO Set [BARISTA LINE] Porcelain (Different Colors) 240ml

CAPPUCCINO Set [BARISTA LINE] Porcelain (Different Colors) 240ml

lei 65.64 lei 74.59 Save 12%
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Composed of: Cup 240ml + Plate.

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