How to file a complaint

What is a complaint?
According to Article 2 from the Government Ordinance no. 27/2002 on regulating the resolution of petitions, a petition is the request, complaint, referral or proposal made in writing or by electronic mail which a citizen or a legally constituted organization can address to the local or central public authorities or institutions, decentralized public services of ministries and other central agencies, national companies and societies, local and county trading companies of national interest, as well as to autonomous administration,  hereinafter public authorities and institutions.

Who can file a complaint to ANPC?
According to Article 2 from the Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished, the consumer is any individual or group of individuals constituted in associations acting on purposes outside their trading, industrial, manufacturing, artisanal or liberal activities.
The complaints addressed to ANPC can be filed only by consumers – natural persons.
The divergences between traders  do not fall within the competence of the National Authority for Consumer Protection.
The petitions that are anonymous or do not have the identification data of the petitioner are not taken into consideration and are dismissed, according to Article 7 of the Government Ordinance no. 27/2002.

How to file a complaint?
Please use this method only after trying to solve the problem amicably with the economic operator which marketed the product or provided the service.
In case you have not reached an agreement with the seller or the manager of the establishment, then you may file a complaint to the County Commissariat for Consumer Protection.
We receive complaints from consumers at the Regional/County Consumer Protection Commissariats or the Commissariat of Bucharest, according to the jurisdiction in which the trader referred to in the complaint operates.
According to the law, the complaints can be done in writing, in electronic format or submitted in person.
To file a complaint electronically please fill in the ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM.
The complaint is made personally.
Your complaint will be resolved within the legal term (according to Government Ordinance no. 27/2002) provided that it is accompanied by at least one evidence document such as invoice, fiscal receipt, receipt, contract, warranty certificate or other documents, depending on the case.
For your complaint to be investigated by the commissioners, it must meet the conditions listed above. Otherwise, the complaint is dismissed due to lack of information.



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