BAMBOO Cooler glass [ONIS] 473ml Ice Tea
  • BAMBOO Cooler glass [ONIS] 473ml Ice Tea
  • BAMBOO Cooler glass, 473ml
  • BAMBOO Cooler glass, 473ml (LIBBEY) Lemonade

BAMBOO Cooler glass [ONIS] 473ml

lei 25.64

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Bamboo glasses are ideal for Long Drink cocktails, lemonades or even Tiki cocktails.

Volume of 473ml.

BAMBOO Cooler glass [ONIS] 473ml Ice Tea

BAMBOO Cooler glass [ONIS] 473ml

lei 25.64

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Want something fresh and inviting?

Then you have come to the right place!

These Bamboo Cooler - Long Drink glasses are ideal for lemonades, long drink cocktails or even Tiki cocktails.

Unique shape with rounded outer edges.

For a glass that matches the complex flavor profiles of the best craft beers and signature cocktails, check out this Libbey 32802 16 oz. !

Its unique design is both intriguing and functional.

Horizontal ridges provide useful grip, while thin, diagonal panels create subtle movement, giving this glass a unique look and feel.

Guests will love enjoying Long Island Iced Teas, Cape Codders and more from this exquisite refreshment!

Plus, thanks to its chip-resistant rim, this bottle boasts the durability to stand up to repeated use at your busy bar.

When the glass breaks, it makes sure it's in large pieces instead of exploding into small pieces, protecting your customers and saving valuable cleanup time.

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6 pcs.
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Price / piece.

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Curacao is a dried orange peel syrup, native to the west of the Indian island of Curacao, a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches that enjoys the sun most days of the year.

Initially accidentally discovered, the drink was first developed and marketed by a Spanish family in Curacao in the 19th century.

Monin Blue Curacao will ensure the intense blue color in any drink and brings an exotic aroma of sweet / bitter orange.

Blue Curacao must inevitably be present in every bar! The color gives a touch of mystery to any cocktail.

Tasting notes:

Smell of orange peel, taste of bitter orange candy.

  • Perfect for commercial or household use
  • Ideal for professional mixologists
  • But also for the barista
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to store
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