Polyflora Honey - 15g (in STICK)
  • Polyflora Honey - 15g (in STICK)
  • Polyflora Honey in 50pcs box - 15g (in STICK)

Polyflora Honey - 15g (in STICK)

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Polyflora Honey are produced by bees after collecting the nectar of flowers, blossoms and other plant exudations.

Polyflora honeys are available in 15g sticks.

Polyflora Honey - 15g (in STICK)

Polyflora Honey - 15g (in STICK)

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· Ingredients: 100% POLYFLORA honey.

· Organoleptic characteristics: Honey produced by bees from a wide variety of flowers, in which no particular species of flower predominates. Its colour and flavour can vary: from amber to darker tones, and from sweeter to more intense flavours.

· Nutritional information: (typical values per 100g of product)

      · Energy: 1381kJ / 330Kcal

      · Fat: 0g

      · Saturated Fat: 0g

      · Carbohydrates: 80.8g

      · Sugar: 80.8g

      · Fiber: 0.2g

      · Proteins: <0.1g

      · Sodium: <0.001g

· Storage and use: Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Due to its purity, the honey may solidify when cold. If necessary, warm the honey slowly in a bain-marie to re-liquefy it

· Presentation:

      · Plastic Stick: 15g

      · PET Box: 20g

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