BLUCAFFE Coffee - CIALDA Monodoza, E.S.E Pod
  • BLUCAFFE Coffee - CIALDA Monodoza, E.S.E Pod

BLUCAFFE Coffee - CIALDA Monodoza, E.S.E Pod

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Price / piece. 

Informative: 150 pieces / box.

BLUCAFFE sachet tablets contain 100% Arabica roasted coffee, ground and pressed.

They are made from Gourmet Arabica coffee, ie from a selection of coffee beans that come from tropical areas at high altitude.

With this product we offer you an excellence in the world of ground coffee, a "niche" blend, refined and exclusive, for the most refined palates.

E.S.E Pod is easy to use and ensures a high standard, the same reproducible coffee, every time.

Suitable for both espresso and cappuccino or other coffee preparations.

Standard diameter 44 mm (E.S.E - Easy Serve Espresso).

Packing: sachets with modified atmosphere, packed in a box.

Dry residue over 97%

BLUCAFFE Coffee - CIALDA Monodoza, E.S.E Pod

BLUCAFFE Coffee - CIALDA Monodoza, E.S.E Pod

lei 2.29
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Ground (pre-dosed) ground coffee, E.S.E pod, perfect dose for an espresso cup.

The paper used makes them biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly, but not only that, the paper also acts as a filter that retains almost all residues, bacteria and much of the wax and fat. The result is a very healthy coffee.

The tablets are individually packed with nitrogen in a protective atmosphere to keep the flavor unchanged until consumption.

We offer ESE capsules, compatible with the most common espresso machines (Bourbon, De Longhi, Illy, etc.).

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