Filter Basket 14g [LA SPAZIALE] for Portafilter of 2 Cups
  • Filter Basket 14g [LA SPAZIALE] for Portafilter of 2 Cups

Filter Basket 14g [LA SPAZIALE] for Portafilter of 2 Cups

lei 23.68

Price / piece.

Informative: 10 pieces / set.

With MICRO holes, for 14g of coffee, diameter Ø 53 mm.

Designed for 2 doses (14gr.)

La Spaziale original code: 02266

Suitable for devices:

► Astoria

► La Spaziale

Filter Basket 14g [LA SPAZIALE] for Portafilter of 2 Cups

Filter Basket 14g [LA SPAZIALE] for Portafilter of 2 Cups

lei 23.68
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Filter Ø 53 / 2 Cups 14g, with MICROHOLES [LA SPAZIALE].

Original article code La Spaziale 2266.

10 Items

Data sheet

Silver / Metal
Diameter - Øcm:
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
1 Piece
Informative - Nr pcs. / set:

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POWDER Detergent [PULY]...

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Detergent Puly Caff Powder 900gr - in the form of crystallized powder for cleaning espresso machines, imported from Italy.

You can use it to perform the following cleaning tasks:

► Cleaning the head unit (with reverse wash)

► Solenoid valve cleaning (reverse wash)

► Cleaning the filter media (by soaking)

► Cleaning the filter baskets (by soaking)

► Cleaning the upper filter (by soaking)



Wash your hands after use!

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, remove contact lenses and continue to wash.

In case of an accident, show the doctor the product label!

Wear goggles and protective gloves!   Keep out of reach of children!

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Filter Opener/ Portafilter...

Price / piece.

Daily cleaning of the espresso machine is recommended, which also includes cleaning the portafilter arm.

With the help of this opener, you can easily detach the stuck sieve from the portafilter.

Use with extra care, do NOT injure yourself!


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Coffee Leveler 58 Ø...

Price / piece.

With its unique height adjustment system, you can get a uniform and repeatable espresso every time.

After loosening the head with a few rotations, you can adjust the lower plate.

Improving the quality of espresso, it is a perfect tool for every cafe.

Leveling base: Ø 58mm

Tamper material: 100% stainless steel

Handle material: anodized aluminum

Clean only with a wet cloth.

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Premium Barista Cloth...

Price / piece. 

It can be used to dry up and clean the filter before dosing the new ground.

This simple operation prevents the extraction residues from contaminating the new Espresso.

The practical carabiner permit you to hook the cloth to the work apron or to the base of the machine.

Since microfibre is an absorbent material, we recommend cleaning the cloth at least once a day.

Color: black.

Dimensions: 40 * 40cm.


lei 39.79 Price

SINGLE Portafilter dripper...

Price / piece.

Chromate portafilter dripper - SIMPLE for 1 coffee, 3/8 thread, Fully open.

Matches with:

► Astoria

► Aurora Brugnetti

► Brasilia

► Bezzera

► Carimali

► Casadio

► Faema

► Futurmat Ariete

► Grimac Fiorenzato

► La Marzocco

► Nuova Simonelli

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► Victoria Arduino

► Vibiemme

► Wega

lei 14.99 Price
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