Simple BLIND FILTER Ø 58 mm - Stainless Steel
  • Simple BLIND FILTER Ø 58 mm - Stainless Steel

Simple BLIND FILTER Ø 58 mm - Stainless Steel

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Blind filters are used to wash the head of the group.

A stainless steel blind filter is always the best option, as it fits tightly into the filter holder and withstands high pressure, thus cleaning the assembly perfectly, allowing pressure to be released through the expansion valve and not through the filter holder holes.

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of powder detergent (DUSTY or PULY CAFF) to the sieve in order to decompose the coffee oils.

These products are important for any bartender and any cafe because of their functionality.

Simple BLIND FILTER Ø 58 mm - Stainless Steel

Simple BLIND FILTER Ø 58 mm - Stainless Steel

lei 9.51
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Blind Filter Ø58, Simple - Stainless Steel

It fits: Cimbali, Faema, Rancilio, Vibiemme, Astoria, Bezzera, Wega, Bfc Royal, Elektra, SV, Sanremo, Brasilia, Grimac, other.

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Price / piece.

DUSTY Caff 900gr detergent - in the form of crystallized powder for cleaning espresso machines, imported from Italy.

You can use it to perform the following cleaning tasks:

  • Cleaning the head unit (with reverse wash)
  • Solenoid valve cleaning (reverse wash)
  • Cleaning the filter media (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the filter baskets (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the upper filter (by soaking)

Wash your hands after use!
Wear goggles and protective gloves!
Keep out of reach of children!
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, remove contact lenses and continue to wash.
In case of an accident, show the doctor the product label!

Wear goggles and protective gloves!   Keep out of reach of children!

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Premium BLACK Barista Cloth...

Price / piece. 

It can be used to dry up and clean the filter before dosing the new ground.

This simple operation prevents the extraction residues from contaminating the new Espresso.

The practical carabiner permit you to hook the cloth to the work apron or to the base of the machine.

Since microfibre is an absorbent material, we recommend cleaning the cloth at least once a day.

Color: black.

Dimensions: 40 * 40cm.

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