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PACKAGING - Euro Pallet Grey
  • PACKAGING - Euro Pallet Grey

PACKAGING - Eur Pallet

Price / piece

Europallet for bulk orders.

Placing FRAGILE products on these pallets during transport ensures the integrity of the goods.

Size 80 * 120 cm

In Europe and Romania they are widely used. Pallets are indispensable in logistics.

Other types of pallets:

► NON-Euro pallets,

► half of the pallet,

► industrial pallets

The use of pallets is so widespread that goods can be easily handled and stored in warehouses and cars.

You can choose depending on the level of wear of the pallet:

► WHITE - almost new

► GRAY - used, in good condition

► BLACK - used, already refurbished

(these codes do not refer to the color of the pallet)

PACKAGING - Euro Pallet Grey

PACKAGING - Eur Pallet

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It is the most used type of pallet both in Europe and in the world.

Asian countries and Australia also go for this type of pallet.

Europallets are usually made of wood and weigh about 13 kg (Depending on the humidity of the wood used).

But can also be made of plastic or metal.

Pallets are reusable, depending on the industry the number of reuses is considered to be between 5 and 100.

The price of such a pallet is between 8 and 15 euros.

It is also called the ISO1 or EUR1 pallet.

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