HOT Chocolate (Powder) Envelope, 30g
  • HOT Chocolate (Powder) Envelope, 30g

HOT Chocolate (Powder) Envelope, 30g

(€ / piece).

It is a comforting way to start your day or to help you in a late night. Keep it handy at home, at work or wherever you are and you will always be in a good mood!

It was created to achieve two simple goals. These are to make delicious hot chocolate that will refresh the mind and body and provide gastronomic pleasure. Customer feedback over the years tells us that these goals are met.

Preparation: the contents of one sachet are mixed with 120ml of milk and then boiled in a steamer (ex. espresso machine).

Made in the EU

* To be consumed preferably before the date written on the package.

HOT Chocolate (Powder) Envelope, 30g

HOT Chocolate (Powder) Envelope, 30g

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HOT Chocolate - Powder, 30g

Directions: Mix the content of the package with 120ml cold milk and boil it, at the steamer (espresso machine).

Nutritional information for 100g of product:

    • Energetic value: - 403kcal
    • Proteins:            - max 5.8%
    • Carbohydrates:   - max 85%
    • Lipids:                - max 5%
    • Ingredients: sugar, cocoa powder (24%), modified corn starch, flavor.
    • Net quantity: 30g

Made in the EU

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