Mould for 3 Ice SPHERES - Ø 57mm
  • Mould for 3 Ice SPHERES - Ø 57mm
  • Mould for 3 Ice SPHERES

Mould for 3 Ice SPHERES - Ø 57mm

Price / piece. 

The cooling of quality drinks is preferably done with the perfect Ice Sphere, without impurities or air bubbles.

The advantage of these ice spheres is the fact that they melt 80% slower than the usual cubes, they cool the drink without diluting them excessively as other extra ice cubes do, they also have a pleasant shape.

The shape for the Ice Ball will help you get the perfect ice of the "Ice Ball" trend.

Mould for 3 Ice SPHERES - Ø 57mm

Mould for 3 Ice SPHERES - Ø 57mm

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With the help of these moulds, you can prepare 3 spheres at once.

Made of 2 pieces of plastic, you can easily remove the frozen globes.

You can easily get the ice spheres by just filling them with water and leaving them into the freezer.


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