Set of 6 Stainless Steel Reusable Cooler Cubes [HAODI] Whiskey Rocks
  • Set of 6 Stainless Steel Reusable Cooler Cubes [HAODI] Whiskey Rocks

STAINLESS STEEL Reusable Cooler Cubes (6pcs Set!) [HAODI] Whiskey Rocks

Price / set.

The set contains 6 pieces of metal cubes (Not 4 pieces, as you can find in other stores!!!)

These cubes are made of stainless metal, they are polished and rounded to avoid scratching glass or crystal glasses.

They are put in the freezer for cooling, after which they can be used in the glass like regular ice cubes, in a smaller or larger number depending on the desired temperature of the drink.

Compared to an ordinary ice cube, it ensures instant cooling, without diluting the noble drink (e.g. Single Malt)

Denotes an elegant aspect of the drink.

PREMIUM product.

For a faster effect, the metal cubes contain cooling liquid.

DO NOT expose to mechanical shocks (hits, scratches,...)!

DO NOT leave near the heat source!

Set of 6 Stainless Steel Reusable Cooler Cubes [HAODI] Whiskey Rocks

STAINLESS STEEL Reusable Cooler Cubes (6pcs Set!) [HAODI] Whiskey Rocks

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They are recommended for expensive and delicate drinks that require cooling, but without dilution! Who needs ice anymore?

The set can be packed in a bag, helping to store them when freezing.


► Please keep out of reach of children.

► Do not chew or try to eat it.

► The stainless steel cube is only intended to be used for cooling drinks, DO NOT put the product in boiling water, oven, microwave or near fire.

► DO NOT use this product if it has dropped or shows signs of leaking.


Data sheet

Silver / Metal
Shiny / Polished
Lenght - cm:
Width - cm:
Height - cm:
Weight - Kg:

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