MAGNETIC Knife Holder 35cm
  • Magnetic Knife Holder, 35cm
  • MAGNETIC Knife Holder 35cm

MAGNETIC Knife Holder 35cm

Price / piece. 

Wall bracket - Metal bar with 2 magnetic strips to hold the metal knives.

Once attached to the wall, above the working space, it becomes a practical and indispensable accessory. With the help of this support you can organize your workspace. You will have the utensils at hand.

It can also be used for workshops, where you need to store screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches or other utensils.

Suitable for both professional and home kitchens.


MAGNETIC Knife Holder 35cm

MAGNETIC Knife Holder 35cm

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Magnetic wall bracket (screw mounting) for metal knives (or other accessories).

Save storage space.

Store all sharp utensils safely.

Black: Polycarbonate.

Silver: Metal.


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Metal & Plastic
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Price / piece.

Universal bar knife with stainless steel blade

The handle is made of hard plastic, that can be easily cleaned.

Wooden handles are NOT approved by the authorities, because you can not clean 100% of various deposits and bacteria !!!


lei 22.85 Regular price lei 23.80 Price

DeLuxe Citrus Peeler...

Price / piece.

Metal peeler / DeLuxe decoration knife, to remove citrus peel or for slicing vegetables and fruits (cucumbers for gin and tonic, Kiwi peel, etc ...)

Due to the appropriate technology of this special knife / peeler, the best quality steel is processed, processed to precise standards.

► Made of stainless steel.

► Durable metal handle.

► Can be washed in the dishwasher


lei 35.16 Price

DeLuxe ZESTER Knife

Price / piece.

Zester Knife, Metal DeLuxe model, you can cut "pill" from the peel of citrus fruits, respectively "zest"

Produced with an advanced technology, this special knife / zester uses the best quality steel, processed to high standards.

► Made of stainless steel.

► Durable metal handle.

► Can be washed in the dishwasher

Use carefully, do NOT injure yourself!

Keep out of reach of children!

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Premium Knife COLEY...

Price / piece.

This premium knife combines the essentials of cutting with an amazing aesthetic and ergonomic design. It has a 11.4 cm high quality 18/8 steel blade and a premium Swiss pear wood handle.

The advantages of this knife are:

- Sharp, double blade, 18/8 steel with a high level of corrosion resistance

- Distributed weight (calibrated)

- Longevity; it is made of a single piece of steel that continues along the entire length of the handle. This ensures that there are no weaknesses, which makes this knife far superior to ordinary knives.

- Ergonomic Swiss pear wood handle.


lei 89.85 Price
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