Latte Art Pen Set PREMIUM [JoeFrex] 3 pieces in Magnetic Gift Box
  • Latte Art Pen Set [JoeFrex] - 3pcs
  • Latte Art Pen Set [JoeFrex] - 3pcs in Gift Box
  • Latte Art Pen Set PREMIUM [JoeFrex] 3 pieces in Magnetic Gift Box

Latte Art Pen (3pcs Set!) PREMIUM [JoeFREX] in Magnetic Gift Box

lei 125.52

Price / set.

Latte Art Pen set, 3 pieces, from [JoeFrex], for professionals.

The special tip makes it easier to finish the creation.

Dots, thin lines or flowers and petals can be made without any problems!


Latte Art Pen Set PREMIUM [JoeFrex] 3 pieces in Magnetic Gift Box

Latte Art Pen (3pcs Set!) PREMIUM [JoeFREX] in Magnetic Gift Box

lei 125.52

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The special box is magnetized so as not to lose these metal pencils.

Use with caution to NOT hurt yourself !!!

Latte Art Pen Set [JoeFrex] - 3pcs in Gift Box

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Silver / Metal
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The DeLuxe dispenser is designed to serve more aesthetic dishes to guests.

Ideal for decorating a modern and elegant cappuccino with Cocoa or Cinnamon.

The package contains 4 different forms of decoration.

To make your drawings come out in a perfect way, learn how to handle the dispenser on a white napkin.

Turn the appliance upside down, ready to use (with the selected design already mounted), then remove the protective cover. This ensures that the powder does not spread everywhere.

Rotate the wheel half a circle, as close as possible to the surface of the cappuccino.

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The origins of chocolate go back at least 4,000 years. The ancient peoples of Central America worshiped cocoa beans and used them to make a hot, frothy and bitter drink called chocolatl.

After Christopher Columbus introduced chocolate to Europe, the drink became a best seller.

The Monin Sauce - Dark Chocolate topping is used by bartenders and bartenders in Latte Art competitions and in the preparation of coffee specialties.

The sugar content is given by fructose and glucose syrup, NOT beet sugar.

Authentic and Strong Chocolate Flavour taste. Rich and perfectly balanced.

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The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers high quality due to the microfiber material used.

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► CAPPUCCINO cup [BARISTA LINE] BLACK Porcelain, 200ml

► Saucer for CAPPUCCINO cup [BARISTA LINE] BLACK Porcelain

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