WHITE 600ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher
  • WHITE 600ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

WHITE 600ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

lei 128.91

Price / piece.

The used material is of high quality, recommended for daily use.

The tassel is designed for splash-free pouring, helping to create perfect latte art designs.

Ergonomic and comfortable handle.

Recommended for use in households, cafes, bars, etc.

This model is coated with an industrial white paint over stainless steel.

600ml volume, ideal for milk cream for 2-3 Cappuccinos.


WHITE 600ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

WHITE 600ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

lei 128.91

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WHITE 600ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher.

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White porcelain, thick walls, thermal insulation.

Big Volume of 350ml.

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Coffee Distributor with 4...

Price / piece.

Needles for leveling and distributing the coffee.

These leveling needles are used for perfectly even distribution of ground coffee from the portafilter.

How to use: gently rotate the needles and mix the coffee until the density of the coffee is uniform and loosen any lumps from the portafilter.

An uniform distribution of the coffee leads to better extraction, therefore to a much better espresso.

The coffee dispenser consists of 4 fine stainless steel needles and a handle made of noble walnut wood.

Provided with wooden support.

It is easy to use regardless of the size of the portafilter basket.

This tool is a must-have for both a barista and coffee enthusiasts, to improve their espresso at home.


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PRESSURE WASHER / Rinser for glasses, jugs, mugs or other containers in the bar or restaurant.

The kit is composed of the rinsing device and 2 connecting hoses to the water network. Can be installed easily and quickly.

Works with both cold and hot water.

Keep in mind:

► For Barista Pitcher / Milk Jug it is preferable to use cold water, because it lowers the temperature in the food danger zone.

► Glasses and other containers are recommended to be rinsed with hot water.


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Coffee Tamper 53/ 58 Ø...

Price / piece.

The Dynamometric Tamper (made of metal) is adjusted from the factory for optimal force, but you can ... simply keep pressing, even after the mechanism triggers.

Simple mechanism, with the help of which you will be able to ensure optimal pressure on the ground coffee in the bottle holder.

Adjustable between 15 Kg and 21 Kg (!)

Made of anodized aluminum.

You can choose between 5.3 cm and 5.8 cm diameter


lei 252.46 Price
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