GREEN Milk Jug [MOTTA] 350ml - Barista Pitcher
  • GREEN Milk Jug [MOTTA] 350ml - Barista Pitcher

GREEN 350ml Milk Jug [MOTTA] Barista Pitcher

lei 149.94

Price / piece. 

Barista Pitcher / Metal Cup for the perfect Cappuccino foam.

Made in Italy, developed with the Barista Association of Italy, for special Latte Art castings.

Extra thick walls treated with Teflon, extravagant design: matte green, MOTTA product

Easy to grip (ergonomic).

NO dishwasher safe !   Do NOT scratch it ! !

GREEN Milk Jug [MOTTA] 350ml - Barista Pitcher

GREEN 350ml Milk Jug [MOTTA] Barista Pitcher

lei 149.94
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GREEN Milk Jug [MOTTA] 350ml - Barista Pitcher

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Compared to other metal models, it has the advantage of not freezing in the bar station, although it is as durable as aluminum ones.

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Made of 100% GREEN polycarbonate. Innovatively plasticized rubber slats.

Calibrated quantity according to International Free-Pouring standards (285).

It is recommended to change the rubber corks on the pourer to avoid leaking drinks.


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This simple operation prevents the extraction residues from contaminating the new Espresso.

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Since microfibre is an absorbent material, we recommend cleaning the cloth at least once a day.

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