PREMIUM GREY 350ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher
  • PREMIUM GREY 350ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

PREMIUM GREY 350ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

lei 103.13

Price / piece. 

A milk frother with a well-shaped spout, a balanced weight and a comfortable / ergonomic handle at an affordable price.

It is used by many top baristas.

Ideal for producing milk foam for a successful cappuccino - an essential tool for every barista and latte art lover.

It can be the resistance piece of a popular cafe, with posts on Facebook and / or Instagram.

Color: PREMIUM GREY, volume of 600ml.


Handwash only with liquid detergent!

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.


PREMIUM GREY 350ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

PREMIUM GREY 350ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

lei 103.13

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PREMIUM GREY 350ml Milk Jug [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher.

Used and recommended by Barista Champions from all over the world.


Data sheet

Dark Grey
Shiny / Polished
Diameter - Øcm:
Height - cm:
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
1 Piece
Informative - Nr pcs. / set:

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Keep in mind:

► For Barista Pitcher / Milk Jug it is preferable to use cold water, because it lowers the temperature in the food danger zone.

► Glasses and other containers are recommended to be rinsed with hot water.


lei 536.69 Price
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