PRO Milk Jug [RHINOWARES] 600ml - Barista Pitcher
  • PRO Milk Jug [RHINOWARES] 600ml - Barista Pitcher

PRO Milk Jug [RHINOWARES] 600ml - Barista Pitcher

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The Rhino Coffee Gear Pro Milk Pitcher was developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry.

► Graduated on the inside. This will reduce milk wastage and save the cafe money.

► Made of food-grade stainless steel, 1 mm thick. Thicker steel provides heavy weight and a professional feel.

► Professional pouring spout: designed for smooth pouring and latte art.

► Comfortable handle, perfect Barista staff.

Important: the engraved measuring lines are NOT homologated, they should be used as a guide only.

PRO Milk Jug [RHINOWARES] 600ml - Barista Pitcher

PRO Milk Jug [RHINOWARES] 600ml - Barista Pitcher

lei 108.92
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Rhinowares milk jugs are designed with baristas in mind.

Thus the Pro Milk Pitcher is superior to other standard milk pitchers on the market.

Thanks to the measuring feature inside the cup, you can reduce waste, so there will be no old milk that needs reheating, giving the customer fresh milk every time.

Everybody wins!

Excellent quality The Barista pitcher is made of 1mm thick 303 stainless steel.

This gives the barista more comfort while heating the milk, resulting in a milk with a better texture and a more beautiful latte art.

Rhinowares Pro Milk Jugs have been tested and are food grade certified.

The brand brings reliable, innovative products to the market at affordable prices.

Rhinowares is an Australian company founded in 2014 and was created mainly to fill a certain gap in the world of coffee accessories.

Currently, the company focuses on the manufacture of high-quality brickwork, tampers and hand grinders.

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