SIMPLE 600ml Milk Jug with SCALE [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher
  • SIMPLE 600ml Milk Jug with SCALE [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

SIMPLE 600ml Milk Jug with SCALE [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

lei 58.45

Price / piece.

It is a mug specially designed for preparing milk cream for cappuccino.

The elegant appearance and the sharp Beak recommend for special Latte Art pours.

GRADED internally, from 50 to 50ml.

SIMPLE 600ml Milk Jug with SCALE [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

SIMPLE 600ml Milk Jug with SCALE [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher

lei 58.45

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SIMPLE 600ml Milk Jug with SCALE [BARISTA LINE] Pitcher


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Silver / Metal
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
1 Piece
Informative - Nr pcs. / set:

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Unlike other needle dispensers, the height of this accessory can be adjusted by simply turning the handle.

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ROCK BAR Water glass [BORMIOLI] 200ml 517520 Quick view
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* Only the glass. You can order the saucer separately.


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Coffee Distributor with 6...

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WDT Coffee Accessory with 6 Needles that are used for leveling and perfectly uniform distribution of ground coffee from the portafilter.

How to use: gently move the needles and mix the ground coffee, until the density is uniform and the coffee lumps in the portafilter break down.

A uniform distribution of the coffee results in a better extraction, therefore a much better espresso.

It is easy to use regardless of the size of the portafilter basket.


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Tamper and Portafilter must be ordered separately.

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The set contains: 1 Cup + 1 Saucer.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 48 pieces / box.

CAPPUCCINO set [BARISTA LINE] made of white porcelain, made of:

► CAPPUCCINO cup [BARISTA LINE] WHITE Porcelain, 180ml

► Saucer for CAPPUCCINO cup [BARISTA LINE] WHITE Porcelain

(you can also order them separately too)

lei 29.42 Price
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