CARAMEL Sauce, 500ml - MONIN
  • CARAMEL Sauce, 500ml - MONIN

CARAMEL Sauce, 500ml - MONIN

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Monin Sauce - Monin Caramel topping is used by bartenders in Latte Art competitions and in the preparation of coffee specialties.

The term caramel means caramelized sugar, traditionally melting sugar in a pot with a little water.

Caramel gets its rich taste and color from the process of heating and melting sugar.

The sugar content is given by fructose and glucose syrup not sugar beet.

Color: Gold, light brown

CARAMEL Sauce, 500ml - MONIN

CARAMEL Sauce, 500ml - MONIN

lei 20.22
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Delicate and intense caramel aroma, an incredibly creamy, smooth, rich and perfectly balanced texture.

Delicious taste of Caramel Toffee. Smooth, creamy and perfectly balanced texture.

The rich, sweet and greasy finish of the caramel has come a long way from chewy wrapped candies.

Monin Caramel sauce is a decadent addition to desserts, ice cream, cocoa and coffee drinks.

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