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APPLE PIE Syrup, Monin
  • APPLE PIE Syrup, Monin


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Apple Pie is a popular dessert around the world and probably one of the most popular in the UK for centuries.

Eaten hot or cold, sometimes served with whipped cream or ice cream, everyone loves it!

Try the new Monin Apple Pie syrup, with its true taste of apple pie, all in one bottle, being a help for preparing cocktails but also convenient being ready to pour.

With its velvet combination of seasoned apple, biscuit with a hint of spice, MONIN Apple Pie syrup is unforgettable. It will remind you of the fresh baked apple pie not only praised in Great Britain. 

  • Perfect for commercial or household use
  • Ideal for professional mixologists
  • But also for the barista
  • Use natural ingredients
  • Easy to store
APPLE PIE Syrup, Monin


lei 32.19 lei 34.99 Save 8%
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Just like a true apple pie in a bottle, yet convenient and ready to pour. Its crispy baked apple flavour and delicious caramel and biscuit taste will delight your taste buds. Its touch of butter and cinnamon will hypnotise you.

Treat yourself with a mouth-watering dessert drink in a warm latte, milkshakes or just serve it with your favourite pastry.

The crunchy aroma of ripe apples and delicious caramel together with the taste of biscuits will delight your taste buds.

Recommended for: Latte, teas and Ice tea, Dessert drinks, Martini, Culinary recipes

Monin syrup is a natural product, designed for professionals in the Horeca industry - bars, cafes, hotels, etc. and has a wide range of uses.


  • Lattes
  • Cocktails
  • Dessert drinks
  • Ice teas
  • Martinis
  • Culinary Products
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