250ml - MACADAMIA Syrup [MONIN]
  • 250ml - MACADAMIA Syrup [MONIN]

250ml - MACADAMIA Syrup [MONIN]

lei 16.26

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Informative: 6 bottles / box.

MACADAMIA syrup in a small 250ml bottle, in order to reproduce the aroma of coffees tasted in coffee shops, cafe bars or restaurants.

But we also recommend for those cafes that sell coffee beans or ground coffee and want to provide complete services for their customers.

Made in France, by MONIN.

250ml - MACADAMIA Syrup [MONIN]

250ml - MACADAMIA Syrup [MONIN]

lei 16.26
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Choose Monin syrup in a small bottle (250ml) for a Cappuccino / Latte that you used to drink in your favorite location, so you can enjoy the aroma of MACADAMIA at home.


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