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COMPLETUM (Crystal) Red Wine glass [NOVA VIA] 740ml
  • COMPLETUM (Crystal) Red Wine glass [NOVA VIA] 740ml

COMPLETUM (Crystal) Red Wine glass [NOVA VIA] 740ml

lei 99.96

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Sold in multiples of 2 pieces.

This luxurious glass is ideal for wines that require a lot of oxygen, without being decanted.

Designed for white or red Burgundy, extremely complex yet sensitive wines, extremely opulent rosé wines and vintage Champagne.

A hand-blown crystal glass that, due to its sensitive structure, exudes pure luxury.

Elegant, exclusive, with a modern, innovative design.

Even with discordant wines, it manages to create a concentrated and extremely elegant impression.

This glass transforms wine into a full aromatic experience without overdoing it.

The fragile part is the stem, because it is tall and thin, so handle with care (!!!)

It can be washed in the dishwasher, BUT hand washing with liquid detergent is recommended.

COMPLETUM (Crystal) Red Wine glass [NOVA VIA] 740ml

COMPLETUM (Crystal) Red Wine glass [NOVA VIA] 740ml

lei 99.96
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COMPLETUM (Crystal) Red Wine glass [NOVA VIA] 740ml

The difference between glass and crystal can be easily noticed.

► Light reflects much better through crystal than through glass

► Crystal often contains lead oxide, unlike glass

► Crystal is itself a glass but not all bottles are crystals

► Crystal is heavier than normal glass

Successfully tested for: Leachable lead and cadmium content.


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Height - cm:
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
2 Pcs.
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