STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) White Wine glass [NUDE] 700ml
  • STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) White Wine glass [NUDE] 700ml

STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) White Wine glass [NUDE] 700ml

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Discover sophistication and innovation with Nude's Stem Zero Volcano - a wine glass collection that redefines elegance.

Each glass is a masterpiece of design, made with advanced Ion Shielding technology, probably the strongest and finest range of lead-free crystal in the world.

With a simple and exceptional silhouette, Volcano glasses are designed to maximize the joy of wine tasting.

With a generous bowl, tapered sides and precision-cut rim, these glasses are available for red, white and champagne wine, perfect for enjoying your drink in style.

Add a touch of style and sophistication to your stemware collection with the Stem Zero Volcano - now available to order.


STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) White Wine glass [NUDE] 700ml

STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) White Wine glass [NUDE] 700ml

lei 184.45
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Get ready to impress any wine lover with this functional piece of art.

Comprising a wide range of highly sophisticated options - including this Volcano white wine glass -, the series epitomizes NUDE's fascination with material and functionality and will satisfy the most discerning wine lover.

The NUDE Stem Zero Collection is the world's toughest yet incredibly fine range of lead-free crystals, made using our 'Ion Shielding' technology.

Craftsmanship and craftsmanship of handcrafted glass is a signature of NUDE.

NUDE prides itself on its artisanal approach to glassware, specializing in pure, hand-crafted crystal glass, whether blown or press-blown.

With their Master Blowers, NUDE continues to produce much of the world's most prized glassware.

Experimenting with hardening techniques, NUDE used a special surface modification technology based on an ion exchange process that suppresses the micro-cracks that cause the glass to crack.

The larger ions, incorporated into the surface structure of the glass by replacing the smaller ions, cause stress, form compressive stresses and make the glasses more robust and suitable for everyday use.

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