STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) Red Wine [NUDE] 1000ml

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Discover Ultimate Elegance: Nude 1000ml Stem Zero Volcano Glass For red wine connoisseurs, Nude's Zero Volcano Stem Glass is the pinnacle of sophistication and design.

Created to amplify every nuance and flavor of your favorite wine, this glass is a masterpiece of engineering and aesthetics.

Innovative Design With a generous shape and thin walls, the Stem Zero Volcano glass is designed to preserve and enhance the complex flavor of red wines.

Invitation to Taste Whether it's an intimate dinner or a grand celebration, Nude's Stem Zero Volcano glass is the perfect choice to serve red wine in the most stylish way possible.

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STEM ZERO VOLCANO (Crystal) Red Wine [NUDE] 1000ml

lei 199.92
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by NUDE Design Team

This Volcano red wine glass takes classic glassware to new heights.

Each sip is an invitation to an unforgettable sensory experience.

The ultra-simple silhouette boasts a generous bowl, tapered sides and a crystal-cut edge.

Advanced Technology Made of lead-free crystal of extraordinary strength, this glass is manufactured using innovative 'Ion Shielding' technology.

This ensures durability without compromising the delicacy and clarity of the crystal.

Sustainable Elegance Stem Zero Volcano is a symbol of sustainable elegance. It's robust enough to stand the test of time, but delicate enough to add style and sophistication to any occasion.

White wine and champagne options are also available.

The NUDE Stem Zero Collection is possibly the world's toughest yet incredibly fine lead-free crystal range, made using our 'Ion Shielding' technology.

We recommend hand washing, as the result of the dishwasher largely depends on the correct amount of detergent used, the right hardness of the water and the careful placement of the glass in the dishwasher.

The glass should not be placed together in the dishwasher with products made of wood, aluminum, copper, silver, etc.

Hand washing recommendations Avoid cleaning the glass with bleach or acidic liquids and using scouring pads as it will scratch the surface.

After hand washing, allow the product to dry.

Finish cleaning by drying and polishing the product using a soft cloth, preferably microfiber.

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