TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass) 92142
  • TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass) 92142
  • TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass) PNG
  • TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass)
  • TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks (Glass)

TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass)

lei 20.11

Price / piece. 

Sold by set (12 pcs).

Tiki Rocks (glass) with a volume of 473ml.

Ideal for TIKI cocktails, lemonade or drinks that require a lot of ice.

Made by Libbey.

TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass) 92142

TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass)

lei 20.11

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TIKI - LIBBEY Rocks, 473ml (Glass)

Since the 1934 opening of Don the Beachcomber in Hollywood, Polynesian-themed Tiki culture has been a part of the restaurant industry.

Known for flaming torches, flower leis, and bright colors, Tiki is perhaps best known for the rum drinks!

Libbey Foodservice is very pleased to introduce two original Polynesian-inspired designs perfect for Tiki themed dining.

Whether serving a scorpion, zombie or mai tai, Libbey’s unique glassware designs are the perfect way to highlight your Tiki and rum-based cocktails. 


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Avoid scratching the surface!
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Tiki Cooler / Long Drink (glass), for tropical drinks, typical of the Polynesian area, based on rum and more.

Thus, cocktails can be presented in an original and spectacular way.

The glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher safely.

Volume of 592ml.

Made by Libbey.

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