GASTRO (Polycarbonate) Margarita glass (Matte) 350ml
  • GASTRO (Polycarbonate) Margarita glass (Matte) 350ml

GASTRO (Polycarbonate) Margarita glass (Matte) 350ml

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Margarita Cocktail Glass in Matte Polycarbonate - Elegance and Durability

Enjoy every moment with the unmistakable style of our matte polycarbonate Margarita cocktail glass, now available exclusively on our webshop.

This glass is not just a container, but a promise of an unforgettable experience.

We pride ourselves on offering premium products for cocktail enthusiasts.

The matte polycarbonate Margarita glass is proof of our passion for quality and innovative design.

Enrich your glass collection and impress your guests with the Matte Polycarbonate Margarita Cocktail Glass - now available to order.


GASTRO (Polycarbonate) Margarita glass (Matte) 350ml

GASTRO (Polycarbonate) Margarita glass (Matte) 350ml

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► Modern and Attractive Design

Our Margarita glass is defined by an elegant and contemporary design. The matte finish and classic shape of the glass combine to create an impressive visual effect, adding a touch of sophistication to any cocktail presentation.

► Exceptional Durability

Made from the highest quality polycarbonate, this glass is built to last.

It is ideal for use in bars, restaurants or at home, offering shock and scratch resistance without compromising aesthetics.

► Comfort and Functionality

Easy to handle and perfectly balanced, the matte polycarbonate Margarita glass is a reliable ally for any mixologist.

In addition, it is dishwasher safe, which makes it extremely practical and easy to maintain.

► Ecological Responsibility

By choosing polycarbonate, a recyclable material, you are not only investing in quality, but also in environmental protection.

This glass is a responsible choice for those who want to combine pleasure with ecological awareness.

We are Your Partner in the Art of Mixology


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