Metal Pourer 105-30 (TOM DYER)
  • Metal Pourer 105-30 (TOM DYER)

Metal Pourer 105-30 (TOM DYER)

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(€ / piece). 

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Pourer 105/30 TOM DYER - Metal dropper, with rubber blades.

This reliable professional pourer was developed in collaboration with Tom Dyer, the legendary Flair-bartender from UK.

Metal Pourer 105-30 (TOM DYER)

Metal Pourer 105-30 (TOM DYER)

lei 7.58
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Metal pourer with rubber blades.

The TD105-30 / TOM DYER Concept dripper is a professional pourer that was created following the need of bartenders, who used quality drippers.

Based on the specialized knowledge, the manufacturer collaborated with Tom Dyer, for the creation of these precise, robust but still elegant, and at affordable prices.

The ones stuck in the bottles, you can take them out easier with the help of Speed Opener V-Rod.


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Metal & Rubber
Silver / Metal
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* Pictures may differ from reality.

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