Metal Pourer 285 BLACK MATTE
  • Metal Pourer 285 BLACK MATTE

Metal Pourer 285 BLACK MATTE

Price / piece.

Sold as a set of 12 pieces.

Discover perfection and precision in every pour with the new Matte Black Professional Painter Plug!

Designed specifically for bartenders and can be the choice of bar and restaurant managers who want absolute control and impeccable style, this drip stopper is a must-have in any top establishment.

Equipped with rubber blades

Those stuck in bottles, you can remove them more easily with the Speed Opener DOG BONE, Matt Black.

For professional cleaning, use Pourer CLEANING BRUSH.


Metal Pourer 285 BLACK MATTE

Metal Pourer 285 BLACK MATTE

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Pourer Metal 285 MAT BLACK - Professional

► Elegance and Efficiency: Its matte black finish not only adds a touch of elegance to your bar, but is also highly practical, effectively hiding fingerprints and smudges, maintaining a professional appearance throughout service.

► Durability and Quality: Made of high-quality metal, this drip stopper withstands daily wear and tear and is durable for long-term use. Its design ensures a perfect seal, preventing leaks and guaranteeing a precise and clean pour.

► Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of drinks, from fine liqueurs to flavored oils, our dropper allows you to customize each cocktail with the exact dosage required for your sophisticated recipes.

► Easy to Clean: Maintenance is a dream, thanks to the simple design that allows for quick disassembly and effortless cleaning.

It's the smart choice for bartenders who want to impress and perform at the highest standards.


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Metal & Rubber
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
12 Pcs.
Informative - Nr pcs. / set:
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Handwash Only, with liquid detergent!

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.

Avoid scratching the surface!

Use extra care, do NOT hurt yourself!   Only clean manually, with liquid detergent!    Avoid scratching the surface!    Keep out of reach of children!

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This fine cleaning brush is made of twisted steel wire and polyester wire.

Simply clean the dripper quickly and efficiently. Just push the brush through the pipe so that all debris can be easily removed.

After cleaning the drippers and metal straws with this brush and warm water, you will notice that the quality (taste) of the drinks will not change due to possible deposits in the pipe.

In the case of coffee machine steamers, you need to clean up any possible milk deposits.


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Only clean manually with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.


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Set of KORIKO® TIN +TIN MATTE BLACK Boston Shaker [Cocktail KINGDOM] Weighted Quick view
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• Capacity for 2 drinks.

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• Hand wash only.

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Handwash only with liquid detergent, thus avoiding scratching the surface.

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.

Curatati DOAR manual !   NU zgariati produsul !

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After washing, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.


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