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250 HBB RIO Blender -...

The stainless steel blade design continuously forces your mixture into the blades, ensuring that there are never chunks of ice or other product leftover at the end of the blending process. 

Width: 6 1/2"

Depth: 8"

Height: 16"

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908 HBB-CE Blender -...

This blender features a 44 oz. jar made of polycarbonate to hold large quantities of ingredients at any time, and its convenient lid easily closes off the top to prevent overflow and spills.

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Made with pure cane sugar and rigorously selected natural extracts from almond, Marie Brizard Almond Syrup is highly concentrated and reveals an authentic almond flavour.

No conservative agent. No colouring.

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Bamboo - GOLD BEAD Skewers...

Add some sparkle to your cocktails with these Bamboo Gold Bead Picks.

Perfect for serving olives or cherries at themed parties and elegant cocktail nights, these picks are made from a eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo.

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Bamboo - RED KAZARI Skewers...

Perfect for garnishing your drinks with eco friendly bamboo.

Also ideal for skewering; canapes, appetisers, party and buffet foods they are incredibly versatile and can be used at parties and BBQs.

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BAMBOO Straw, Reusable...

With the unusual but all natural Bamboo Straws can give your cocktails a tropical touch, perfect for Hawaiian and Tiki themed parties.

Made from sustainable bamboo, these straws offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, and are both biodegradable and reusable.

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BANANA Fruit Puree - MONIN 1L

(€ / piece)

A perfectly ripened banana can put a smile on your face with its unique creamy quality and sweet, balanced flavor. Carry-on perfection by using our Banana Fruit Purée to prepare smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails, hot beverages and more.

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Bar Spoon TEARDROP...

Premium steel cocktail mixing spoon with a teardrop tip and stunning tattoo themed etched patterns coloured with black food-safe ink


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Black Sheep - ESPRESSO...

SPECIALITY Coffee Beans Blend, 200g

Notes and Flavors: caramel, chocolate, red berries

Coffee Types composition: Columbia Excelso, Brazilia Fazenda Paraiso, India Monsooned Malabar AA

Processing: Washed and Dry

Roasted by: Black Sheep Micro Roastery (HU)

Date of Roasting: 25.08.2020

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Black Sheep - ESPRESSO...

SPECIALITY BLEND Coffee Beans, 200g

Notes and Flavors: milk chocolate, cocoa, raisins

Coffee Types composition: Honduras La Paz - Marcala Organic Natural, Nicaragua Finca Las Cumbres, Brazil Fazenda Rancho Alegre

Processing: Washed

Roasted by: Black Sheep Micro Roastery (HU)

Date of Roasting: 14.08.2020

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Black Sheep - ETHIOP GUJI...


Notes and Flavors: Intense coffee with spicy, peppery notes, sweet, creamy body and medium acidity, very balanced coffee.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia, Guji

Farm: Kasay Delelegn

Farmer: Pequeños Productores

Altitude: 1900 Meters

Variety: Arabica / Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Roasted by: Black Sheep Micro Roastery (HU)

Date of Roasting: 15.08.2020

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Black Sheep - SANTA BARBARA...

SPECIALTY Coffee Beans, 200g - ARABICA

Notes and Flavors: Red berries, raisins, chocolate

Country: Columbia

Region: Colombia Antioquia, District Fredonia

Farm: Hacienda Santa Barbara

Altitude: 1400 - 2000 Meters

Processing: Dry

Roasted by: Black Sheep Micro Roastery (HU)

Roasting Date: 15.08.2020

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BLUEBERRY Fruit Puree -...

Price for 1 piece

No reason to be blue! The sweet, delicate flavor and subtle tartness of your favorite tiny summer berries are now available year-round. Enjoy fresh-picked blueberry flavor and aroma any time by adding our Blueberry Fruit Purée to your favorite lemonades, teas or cocktails.

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BONAVITA Server, Glass...

BONAVITA Server, Glass Carafe 600ml

Tempered glass for durability.

Can be used directly on stovetop.

Designed for use Bonavita drippers and other manual brewing devices.

Dishwasher safe.

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CITY BAR Long Drink Glass &...

Add an urban edge to your cocktails using these LSA City Bar Long Drink Glasses.

Each glass is handmade and has been designed with an architectural shapes in mind, giving you angular forms and crisp edges.

Finished with disc shaped feet, these glasses are perfect for long drinks.

Complete with gift box, this LSA glass set also comes with two solid walnut coasters, making this the perfect gift!

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