QUATROPHIL (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 710ml
  • QUATROPHIL (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 710ml

QUATROPHIL (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 710ml

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Explore the Depth of Flavors with the Quattrophil Burgundy Glass.

For lovers of wines with character, the 710ml glass from Stölzle is the ultimate choice that combines modern aesthetics with unrivaled functionality.

Every detail is thought out to enhance the experience of tasting red wines full of personality, such as Pinot Noir.

Contemporary Design and Elegance With a height of 24.5 cm and a maximum diameter of 11.6 cm, this Burgundy glass is a work of art in crystal.

Exceptional Quality Made of lead-free crystal glass, the Quattrophil Burgundy glass shines through its transparency, emphasizing the color and complexity of the wine served.


QUATROPHIL (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 710ml

QUATROPHIL (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 710ml

lei 45.43

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 QUATROPHIL (Crystal)  Burgundy Wine Glass [STÖLZLE] 710ml

The glass stands out for its accentuated cubic shape, which allows the optimal development of flavors and gives it a distinctive and sophisticated look.

Made from 100% lead-free crystal, these glasses promise clarity and sparkle for a truly sophisticated wine experience.

Functionality and Refinement The long and elegant stem, drawn directly from the cup without visible seams, ensures stability and an impeccable presentation.

The upper shape of the glass allows the fine aromas of the wine.

Durable and practical, it is suitable for daily use and dishwasher safe.

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710 ML
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6 pcs.
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