ETNA (Crystal) Champagne Flute [RCR] 190ml
  • ETNA (Crystal) Champagne Flute [RCR] 190ml

ETNA (Crystal) Champagne Flute [RCR] 190ml

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Discover elegance and sophistication with our new Etna Champagne Glass from RCR.

Made in the heart of Italy, this 190 milliliter glass is perfect for enjoying the finest champagnes.

Its modern design and graceful silhouette make it not just a beverage container, but a true piece of art.

Glossy crystal catches and reflects light, adding a festive glow to any event.

The Etna glass is not only beautiful, but also practical.

Its shape is designed to accentuate the complex flavors and rich bouquet of champagne, turning each sip into a memorable experience.

Order now and be captivated by authentic Italian beauty and quality


ETNA (Crystal) Champagne Flute [RCR] 190ml

ETNA (Crystal) Champagne Flute [RCR] 190ml

lei 27.30

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Each glass is masterfully created by RCR artisans, using traditional techniques combined with modern innovations.

Add a touch of luxury to your glassware collection with the Etna glass from RCR.

It is the perfect choice for special occasions or to give an impressive gift to your loved ones.

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