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Vintage/ Classic Soda Siphon, 1L
  • Vintage/ Classic Soda Siphon, 1L

Vintage/ Classic Soda Siphon with Mesh, 1L

lei 628.84

Price / piece.

Vintage soda "New York Soda" for carbonated water, 1L.

Vintage design, made of a wire mesh around the bottle.

Fit with Kayser CO2 gas cartridges.

You can order CO2 gas cartridges for soda (10 pieces / set) separately.

Vintage/ Classic Soda Siphon, 1L

Vintage/ Classic Soda Siphon with Mesh, 1L

lei 628.84
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Vintage Soda Water with Metal Mesh "New York Soda", 1L.

After a stormy decade, the year 1930 was marked by cultural and economic change and the appearance of this soda bottle model. The classic soda "New York Soda" remained a symbol of this era, continuing its success due to numerous appearances in Hollywood.

FILLING after emptying, the soda is depressurized above the sink by pressing the dosing valve, the empty cartridge is removed, the head is unscrewed, rinsed with hot water, then with cold water to cool the soda, water is poured, but max 3/4 of the volume of the soda screws and tightens well

PRESSURIZATION 1-2 cartridges are used for the 1 liter soda, the cartridges are single-use, the discharge of the gas from the cartridge is indicated by a specific hiss, longer for the first cartridge and shorter for the second, the release of the cartridge is followed by a click, which is normal after mounting AND unloading each cartridge, the siphon is vigorously shaken several times, the last cartridge is threaded to the end and remains on the siphon until it is emptied

THE CARTRIDGE SUPPORT IS NOT THREADED UNTIL THE REFUSAL, but only until the discharge hiss of the cartridge is heard after mounting the last cartridge, leave a homogenization pause of approx. 30 sec.

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