Glass Hanger Rack - BRASS plated 41cm
  • Glass Hanger Rack - BRASS plated 41cm

Glass Hanger Rack - BRASS plated 41cm

Price / piece.

Informative: 12 pieces / set.

Suspended rail support, for glasses to be easily accessible above the bar.

The distance between the rack (where the foot of the glass enters) is 2.5 cm.

The height between the base of the support and the rail (thickness of the bottom of the glass) is 3 cm.

Colour: brass / golden.

(*!) Glasses are NOT included!


Glass Hanger Rack - BRASS plated 41cm

Glass Hanger Rack - BRASS plated 41cm

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Glass Hanger Rack - BRASS plated - The rail is mounted suspended on the ceiling or on other horizontal surfaces.

Total length of 41cm, useful length (where glasses can be strung): 35cm.

The number of pieces of hanging glasses depends on the outer diameter of the glasses (35cm ÷ Øcm).

12 Items

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1 Piece
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