TIKI mug - KUA TAE (Ceramic) 380ml B1049005
  • TIKI mug - KUA TAE (Ceramic) 380ml B1049005

TIKI mug - KUA TAE (Ceramic) 380ml

lei 89.43

Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

TIKI glass - KUA TAE, special ceramic container, with themes taken from Maori culture.

It is used for Tiki cocktails prepared on the basis of Rum and a lot of ice, they have a capacity of 380ml.

To impress the guests, these glasses cannot be missing from the bar.


TIKI mug - KUA TAE (Ceramic) 380ml B1049005

TIKI mug - KUA TAE (Ceramic) 380ml

lei 89.43

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TIKI mug - KUA TAE (Ceramic) 380ml.

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