TIKI mug - MATAKU (Ceramic) 380ml 3402 B1049001
  • TIKI mug - MATAKU (Ceramic) 380ml 3402 B1049001

TIKI mug - MATAKU (Ceramic) 380ml

Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

TIKI glass - MATAKU, very nice ceramic mug, a glass with ears, nose, eyes and mouth, for Tiki cocktail, with a volume of 380ml.

They are part of the Polynesian culture and at first they were only found in Tiki bars, now, thanks to their unique appearance, they have spread to all bars around the world, being a magnet for customers.

They are mostly used for cocktails and have a very interesting and unique image.

To impress with the most "colorful" crockery, these mugs cannot be missing from the bar.


TIKI mug - MATAKU (Ceramic) 380ml 3402 B1049001

TIKI mug - MATAKU (Ceramic) 380ml

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TIKI mug - MATAKU (Ceramic) 380ml.


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