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TIKI mug - PATUNGA TAPU (Ceramic) 380ml 00877 B1049010
  • TIKI mug - PATUNGA TAPU (Ceramic) 380ml 00877 B1049010

TIKI mug - PATUNGA TAPU (Ceramic) 380ml

Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

TIKI glass PATUNGA TAPU (Shameful) for tropical Tiki cocktails, with a volume of 380ml.

This container represents a godness from the Polynesian culture who receives a sacrifice..

They are indispensable in a cocktail bar.


TIKI mug - PATUNGA TAPU (Ceramic) 380ml 00877 B1049010

TIKI mug - PATUNGA TAPU (Ceramic) 380ml

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TIKI mug - PATUNGA TAPU (Ceramic) 380ml.


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