TIKI Cocktail - Skull Glass, 700ml
  • TIKI Cocktail - Skull Glass, 700ml
  • TIKI - Skull Glass, 700ml

TIKI mug - SKULL Glass 700ml

TIKI Skull Glass, 700ml


TIKI Cocktail - Skull Glass, 700ml

TIKI mug - SKULL Glass 700ml

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TIKI Skull Glass, 700ml

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700 ML
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Height - cm:
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
1 Piece
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Bar spoon TEARDROP, BLACK GunMETAL 40cm.

It is preferred by professional bartenders as it is easier to use for mixing drinks using the stirr method, giving a spectacular image of the bartender.

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The chalice allows optimal ventilation of the wine, so that its aromatic profile unfolds even when it is slightly rotated.

While the wine rests in the cocoon, its flavors undergo a fascinating metamorphosis over time.

Red wine glasses, designed by experts for many grape varieties and occasions, curved and elegant shape.

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TIKI glass - MENEHUNE, Tiki cocktail container, with suitable volume, 300ml.

It has a very interesting and unique image, it is actually a container representing a Hawaiian with ears, nose, eyes and mouth playing the UKULELE..

These glasses cannot be missing, if it comes to a TIKI cocktail bar.


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BLACK SKULL Bitter Bottle -...

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Bitter bottle - Skull / Black skull with pipette, 60ml.

Equipped with a dropper for portioning the bitters "drop by drop".

The skull shape is quite unconventional, thus adding a unique touch to the bar.

The pipette ensures precise portioning of the bitters.

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The "Tiki Elephant" glass in its modern form is made of ceramic, particularly nice, a glass that forms an Elephant with ears, nose, eyes and mouth.

These types of glasses are often used for Tropical Cocktails, which are part of the Polynesian culture.


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SKULL Garnish Pick (10pcs...

SKULL - Cocktail Garnish Pins- 10pcs, 11cm

The stainless steel cocktail picks (copper plated) are perfect for cocktail suchs TIKI cocktails. 

Reusable, you can pick cherries, olives, slices orange or appetizers easily.

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