TIKI mug - BUFFALO (Ceramic) 800ml  80002 B1049008
  • TIKI mug - BUFFALO (Ceramic) 800ml  80002 B1049008

TIKI mug - BUFFALO (Ceramic) 800ml

Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

TIKI BUFFALO glass for Tiki cocktails, large volume, 800ml.

It has a very interesting and unique image, it is actually a container that represents a stylized bull / bison.

These cups attract the attention of the guests in the cocktail bar.


TIKI mug - BUFFALO (Ceramic) 800ml  80002 B1049008

TIKI mug - BUFFALO (Ceramic) 800ml

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TIKI mug - BUFFALO (Ceramic) 800ml.

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