TIKI mug - SKULL (Ceramic) 700ml ACC122 B1049011
  • TIKI mug - SKULL (Ceramic) 700ml ACC122 B1049011

TIKI mug - SKULL (Ceramic) 700ml

Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

TIKI SKULL glass for tropical cocktails, with a large volume of 700ml.

Some may find a human skull attractive and be fascinated by it, while others will reject it.

In our society the prevailing culture is that skulls are associated with death and evil.

However, for some ancient societies it is believed to have had opposite symbols, where certain objects such as crystal skulls represent "life": honoring the humanity within us and embodying consciousness.

The skull was also used as a sacred cup, a sacred vessel for libations at celebrations.

The ancient Celts believed that their wisdom and courage would flow to its owner.


TIKI mug - SKULL (Ceramic) 700ml ACC122 B1049011

TIKI mug - SKULL (Ceramic) 700ml

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TIKI mug - SKULL (Ceramic) 700ml.

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700 ML
Shiny / Polished
Lenght - cm:
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1 Piece
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