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Test Kit for Pressure Filterholder

lei 86.45

Test Kit for Pressure Filterholder

Universal size

Test Kit for Pressure Filterholder

lei 86.45

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Test Kit for Pressure Filterholder

It fits all portafilters.

Complete with: chrome fitting 3/8", pressure gauge 0.16bar/0-230 psi, s. steel filter, 3/8" gasket ptfe

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Metal & Plastic
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PULY CAFF Plus - Group...

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PULY Caff Plus - Group Cleaner 900g

Detergent for espresso machine, powder. It removes coffee stain from the brewing group, solenoid valve and water circuit.

Perfect all the coffee machine service, accessories and parts cleaning.

Flapper with doser cup included.

The manufacturer's products are also internationally NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified.

You can use it to perform the following cleaning tasks:

  • Head unit cleaning (with backwash)
  • Solenoid valve cleaning (with backwash)
  • Cleaning filter holders (by soaking)
  • Cleaning of filter baskets (by soaking)
  • Cleaning the top filter (by soaking)


Made in ITALY

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Maner Negru Portafiltru pentru modele Brasilia, Astoria, Fiorenzato. Din plastic ABS - (agreat in industria alimentara) rezistent la caldura, de la producatorul MOTTA.

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Simple BLIND FILTER Ø 58 mm...

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Blind filters are used to wash the head of the group.

A stainless steel blind filter is always the best option, as it fits tightly into the filter holder and withstands high pressure, thus cleaning the assembly perfectly, allowing pressure to be released through the expansion valve and not through the filter holder holes.

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of powder detergent (DUSTY or PULY CAFF) to the sieve in order to decompose the coffee oils.

These products are important for any bartender and any cafe because of their functionality.

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