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Barista Scale with DOSING SPOON [JoeFrex] Electronic
  • Barista Scale with DOSING SPOON [JoeFrex] Electronic

Barista Scale with DOSING SPOON [JoeFrex] Electronic

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Price / piece.

Electronic barista scale with dosing spoon for ground coffee, from [JOE FREX].

Battery included.

Auto OFF operational system - it stops automatically after a 60-second break.

Very effective especially for adjusting the grinding in automatic grinders (instant grinder)

Measures max 300g, with a precision of 0.1g

IMPORTANT!!! - AVOID contact of the device with water or any kind of liquid!!! DO NOT wash!!!


Barista Scale with DOSING SPOON [JoeFrex] Electronic

Barista Scale with DOSING SPOON [JoeFrex] Electronic

lei 71.27 lei 73.47 Save 3%

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Scale with digital display in combination with dosing spoon for ground coffee.

Maximun weight: 300gr / 10.58oz. Division: 0.1gr / 0.01oz. LCD display. Battery included. Auto power-off after 60".

Never dip it in water or any other liquid and don't clean in the dishwasher.


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Coarser grinding, less hot water, or shorter soaking eases the extraction, so we can make a long coffee with a balanced taste that highlights its most striking flavors.

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The Sidamo coffee tree is grown in the Sidamo province, in the Ethiopian highlands, at altitudes from 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level.

The best types of coffee in Ethiopia develop stronger flavors based on the local climate.

There are about 50 cooperatives in this region. The coffee is processed with the wet method and has a sweet and complex aroma, optimal acidity, floral, fruity aroma, notes of chocolate and often tones of spices and wine.

This coffee is roasted in small batches of 10 kg, which will ensure freshness for 1-10 days. (Ask for additional information when ordering)

Expiry date: 1 year from the date of roasting.

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