WOODPECKER Wine Aerator [HAODI] in Gift Box
  • WOODPECKER Wine Aerator [HAODI] in Gift Box

WOODPECKER Wine Aerator [HAODI] in Gift Box

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The WOODPECKER pourer aerates the wine, helping wine lovers to decant the wine in the shortest possible time.

When pouring the wine, there is no need to tilt the bottle much, thanks to the shape of the pourer with an angle of 150 degrees.

And the air holes could bring enough oxygen into the pourer to mix with the wine.

When the wine flows through the wine decanter, the unique regulator will regulate the flow into a cavity, so that the wine first touches the air, forming bubbles that indicate perfect aeration of the wine.

Finally, when the wine flows from the mouth in the shape of a trumpet, the tannins that would affect the taste of the wine are reduced and thus the aroma and bouquet of the wine are improved.


WOODPECKER Wine Aerator [HAODI] in Gift Box

WOODPECKER Wine Aerator [HAODI] in Gift Box

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► The exquisite and elegant design conforms to the international standards of wine bottle neck.

► It can not only prevent spillage when pouring wine, but also allows instant decanting into the glass.

► Scientific, ecological and safe, using food grade raw materials.

► Easy and convenient to use, economical and durable


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* Pictures may differ from actual product.


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► For full-bodied and barricaded red wines.

► The contact surface of the beaker is designed to maintain the temperature as long as possible after serving.

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Luigi Bormioli is an Italian manufacturer of extra-high quality crystal glassware for tableware, with large production facilities in northern Italy.

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Price / piece.

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► Material: SON.hyx ultra-clear, lead-free, tear-resistant glass.

► Tested by Centro Studi Assagiatori, the sensory assessment center in Italy.

► Glass of red wine, VINOTEQUE Collection, Set of six glasses.

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► Capacity of 800ml (full / shaved).

Made in Italy.


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