Wine VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] with 2 Stoppers
  • Wine VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] with 2 Stoppers

Wine VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] with 2 Stoppers

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Vacuum pump with 2 spare plugs Vacu Vin.

Suitable for all non-sparkling wines.

It is always suitable when you don't drink the whole bottle; put a special vacuum stopper, and the pump will discharge the excess air, and the wine will keep for a long time under vacuum, as if you just opened it.

Easy to use, practical, and looks good too.

The patented system warns you with an audible click that you have sucked up all the air, so there is no need to pump anymore.

Keeps your open bottle of wine under vacuum, making it last up to 10 days.

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Wine VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] with 2 Stoppers

Wine VACUUM Pump [VACU VIN] with 2 Stoppers

lei 131.77

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Insert the Universal Vacuum Bottle Stopper into your favorite wine bottle and pump until you hear a 'Click'.

This signals that you have reached the optimal vacuum level and created a tight seal.

Your bottle is ready to be stored upright.

Extremely durable it is designed for extended use and encourages you to enjoy wine more consciously.

Keep the wine up to ten days.


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