Wine Decanter Cleaning Beads [ZWIESEL] Stainless Steel Pearls
  • Wine Decanter Cleaning Beads [ZWIESEL] Stainless Steel Pearls

Wine Decanter Cleaning Beads [ZWIESEL] Stainless Steel Pearls

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Price / box.

These pearls are made of stainless steel, are reusable and are the simplest and most effective solution for cleaning / removing deposits from hard-to-reach areas of glass or crystal containers (for example, decanters, decanters, vases, teapots, etc. ), without scratching them.

About 200 pieces.

1. Fill the item with a sufficient amount of water.

2. Add all cleaning beads.

3. Swirl the item for about two minutes.

4. Finally pour beads into a fine strainer, dry them and keep them until the next use.


They are not suitable for consumption!

Wine Decanter Cleaning Beads [ZWIESEL] Stainless Steel Pearls

Wine Decanter Cleaning Beads [ZWIESEL] Stainless Steel Pearls

lei 54.64
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With these balls you can especially clean decanters with very thin necks, which cannot be cleaned well with professional cleaning brushes.

To do this, the cleaning balls are simply poured into the container with enough water and then let the balls spin.

This mechanical process reliably removes deposits such as tartar, wine deposits and other stubborn dirt.

The cleaning balls reusable again and again.


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