Decanter Cleaner UNO VINO [TESCOMA]
  • Decanter Cleaner UNO VINO [TESCOMA]
  • Decanter Cleaner [TESCOMA]
  • Decanter Cleaner UNO VINO

Decanter Cleaner UNO VINO [TESCOMA]

lei 35.30

Price / piece.

It is recommended that the decanter be cleaned after each use. Because of the shape, however, it is not easy to execute.

This tool is great for cleaning decanters.

It is flexible and adapts to the inner shape of the decanter, easily cleans even hard-to-reach curved shapes.

Perfectly cleans traces of wine or water stains.

Can be used safely to clean glass, plastic or metal containers.

Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Decanter Cleaner UNO VINO [TESCOMA]

Decanter Cleaner UNO VINO [TESCOMA]

lei 35.30
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Flexible decanter cleaner, specially designed to be able to clean all the internal parts of the decanter, possibly difficult to access.

Covered with an absorbent material, which does not leave stains and scratches, reaching any corner of the surface.

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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